Olivier Mosset exhbition: Solo exhibition

Past exhibition

Solo exhibition

Indipendenza Studio, Rome


Olivier Mosset

Indipendenza Studio is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Olivier Mosset.

Mosset has been instrumental in raising questions about painting as an historic object. In the Sixties when he was part of the Parisian BMPT group (the acronym represents the initials of the surnames of the founding members: Daniel Buren, Olivier Mosset, Niele Toroni and Michel Parmentier) his interests were already geared towards resetting pictorial practice and its minimum conditions of existence.

His canvases were covered with geometric and elementary shapes. The aim was to give maximum value to the act of painting, not as a representative tool but as an object in its own right capable of modifying the context in which painting is operating. In the course of his practice Mosset has radicalised thinking about the medium in its most purely material aspect: canvas, frame, paint, surface, format, light.

For the exhibition at Indipendenza Studio, Mosset presents a series of monochrome black and white canvases painted using a rubber polymer paint more commonly used for industrial purposes. With this series of works he continues to blur the concept of authorship working on the surface and its texture. Mosset’s artistic practice and his questioning of painting’s status have become an influential point of reference.