Fernanda Laguna exhbition: High on the Tide

Past exhibition

High on the Tide

27 June - 15 September 2018

Curated by Fernanda Laguna and Cecilia Palmeiro


Fernanda Laguna

A tide is a phenomenon of displacement, of flux; it is a movement of horizontal forces caused by the attraction and pull between celestial bodies. Tides affect the lives of organisms and transform ecosystems; they alter life forms and relationships between them, act on ways of living and being together.

Since 2015, a feminist tide has been flowing through planet Earth. This tide is the collective subject woven by women of the world in oceanic protests and global actions, in which sexualized bodies are mixing, composing and connecting and a revolutionary process is taking shape. We are a multitude - a differentiated and articulated mass with no owners or bosses - that drag down patriarchal structures, institutions, and ways of life as it advances. The tide crosses borders, languages, classes, and genders; it grows as an expansive wave of desire. Her method is collective intelligence, political friendship, mutual care, horinzontality, transversality, intersectionality and the imagination of new forms of community. We get together politically and spiritually to create the world in which we want to live in.

High on the Tide is a live-archive of this unique experience from the perspective of two members of the Ni Una Menos collective in Argentina who feel high and dizzy. It is a space of reflection where one is steeped in the revolutionary process by exploring the materials of a sensitive revolution, traces of the collective imagination found in personal and shared files. The materials of this archive are objects of power, souvenirs that speak, collective works that are no longer art yet not just politics; unprecedented alliances, diverse sororities, rebellious writings and readings that elaborate a feminist vanguard in which history meets utopia.

History emerges from the personal as the radically political. This is a micro-political map of friendship as a revolutionary relationship. In 2015, we began dreaming of an original and powerful measure of force: a women’s strike. A year and a half later, on October 19, 2016, thanks to a massive collective effort, that idea took the concrete shape of the first National Women’s Strike. Such a historical event was organized in just one frenzied and impassioned week by a coalition of women, lesbians and trans people. We were improvising something completely new that would transform and utterly change us forever. The strike became an objective historical necessity, and we took on the endeavor to call for and organize the first International Women’s Strike on March 8 2017, and one year later, the second International Feminist Strike on March 8 2018. What happened between the first, the second and the third strikes is fascinating and it is the emergence of something stunningly new in history. Since then, we have been living at full speed, we are moved by desire and we are organizing ourselves to change everything.

Even if painful at times, our revolution is a party.
- Fernanda Laguna and Cecilia Palmeiro