Eileen Quinlan exhbition: Double Charlie

Past exhibition

Double Charlie

20 March - 10 April 2015


Eileen Quinlan

Campoli Presti is pleased to announce Eileen Quinlan’s sixth solo exhibition with the gallery, which will run concurrently in London and in Paris.

Quinlan takes the exhibition as a critical stance, in which different aspects of her work over the past ten years are unfolded and re-read. The inventorying and editing of the images opens up a field of mediations between the original prints and their final display, allowing Quinlan to address questions of seriality, abstraction and indexicality. Repetition and size are at play in the form of single images, diptychs or full editions, explicitly reiterating the artist’s own steps. Instead of proposing a linear reinterpretation of her work, Quinlan posits a circular temporality; revisiting, reusing and putting images from different times in contact, making them contemporaneous.

The exhibition introduces different photographic genres such as still-life, portrait, and landscape which expand the implications of abstraction. Quinlan’s abstract compositions are based on multiple staging strategies from commercial photography. Based entirely in the studio, Quinlan produces still-lifes using pre- digital photography techniques used to create backdrops —such as strobes, smoke, mirrors and textiles— generating abstract images of light, colour, and texture.

The installation presented in Paris, Double Charlie, consists of two Full Editions composing a unique work of twelve photographs. Rearranged to cover an entire wall of the exhibition, the work activates itself as a backdrop. The scale and texture of the piece creates an immersive experience for the viewer, reflecting on how the work acts on a body when viewing it in space. The intended repetition of the grid considers how photographs circulate in an art market via artificially limited editions.