Olivier Mosset exhbition: A Moveable Feast – Part VII

Past exhibition

A Moveable Feast – Part VII


Olivier Mosset

Campoli Presti is pleased to announce the seventh instalment in the year-long exhibition A Moveable Feast,with a presentation of recent monochrome paintings by Olivier Mosset.

Mosset’s paintings are based on the material reality of the work: dimension, format, ground, colour and a uniform application of paint that is completely devoid of painterly gesture. The works in this exhibition are coated entirely witha rubber polymer paint (more commonly used for industrial purposes)revealing colour as a pure perceptual fact, and articulating each piece into a formal structure.

Mosset explores the economic value of originality through a series of procedures that examine the notion of a signature work. Avoiding producing unique works and often organising his production into a series, he turns his shaped canvases or recurrent motifs into logos that question authorship and evoke the disappearance of the artist.

In June last year, Mosset showed this series of paintings in a French village near the Pyrenees called Mosset. The homonymous town had no connection to the artist’s ancestry. Mosset’s intention was rather to play on the configuration of authorship and signature, continuing an artistic practice deeply layered with humour, ineloquence, and directness.