Cheyney Thompson 
Solo exhibition
4 July – 14 October 2018
Villa di Geggiano, Siena 

Campoli Presti is pleased to announce Cheyney Thompson’s solo presentation at Villa Geggiano, Siena.

Exploring the history, practice, and circulation of painting as his subject, Cheyney Thompson methodically deconstructs how a work is created, revealing historically established perspective systems, subject matters, colour standards, and post-studio circulation within a given socio-economic context.

Thompson employs rational structures, technological processes, and generative devices to think about painting’s establishment as a medium in art history, engaging in a translation operation that focuses on the reconstruction of painting’s technological and historical organization.

Thompson’s Stochastic Process Paintings are based on the Drunken Walk algorithm, an aleatory path that is used in financial theory to predict stockmarket prices. In his paintings, Thompson places the algorithm into a three-dimensional colour-system conceptualized by Albert Munsell, which has been deployed by the artist during the past years to tie his practice to a rigorous quantification of colour, most noticeably in his Chronochrome series. The algorithm is programmed to cover a distance of 8032 steps. The diverse positions of the line drawn by the algorithm within the solid of Munsell’s ten primaries colour model can be translated into amounts of different hues, saturations and values that Thompson finally applies onto the canvas. For the four paintings in Geggiano Thompson inputs the algorithm with the palette of the chapel, creating an interaction between the works and the given conditions.

The paintings are reduced to abstract informatization, which mirrors the immateriality of economic processes. Curiously enough, the paintings create a vivid visual effect from a static picture plane, adding a fictional three-dimensionality. 

Cheyney Thompson’s work was on view at the Centre Pompidou, Paris in Collected by Thea Westreich Wagner and Ethan Wagnerwhich travelled from the Whitney Museum, New York. Thompson had a survey exhibition at the MIT List Visual Arts Center, Massa­chusetts (2012) with an accompanying monograph and was included in the 2008 Whitney Biennial as well as the 2003 Venice Biennial curated by Francesco Bonami. Past exhibi­tions include Chat Jet – Painting ‘Beyond’ The Mediumat Künstlerhaus Graz (2013), The Complete Reference: Pedestals and Drunken Walks(solo) at Kunstverein Braunschweig (2012); The Indiscipline of Paintingat Tate St Ives (2011); Systems Analysis at West London Projectsand Langen Foundation, Germany (2010); Greater New Yorkat P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center (2005).