Born in 1978, Buenos Aires

Lives and works in Buenos Aires  



2008-2009 Studied at Städelschule, Frankfurt

2008 Scholarship from Maria Marta Sanchez Elia Nunez

2007 Scholarship from The National Endowment for the Arts

2003-2005 Part of The Visual Artists Program at The University of Buenos Aires / Beca Kuitca  



2016 Sumisión, Reena Spaulings, New York

2015 ahhhhhhh, Campoli Presti, Paris

2014 ahh…ah, Campoli Presti, London «Corruzione», Reena Spaulings Fine Art, New York

2012 Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Buenos Aires

2010 Fiebre, Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Buenos Aires

2009 Le Retour des Super Models (Other), Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt

2008 Aquello que finalmente uno cree que no es tan determinante que los demás sepan sobre las propias ideas, Limite Sud, Buenos Aires

2007 Días dorados, Contemporary Art Appetite, Buenos Aires

2006 Pinturas, Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Buenos Aires

2003 Pinturas, Gallery Alberto Sendros, Buenos Aires  



2017 Theft is Vision, LUMA Westbau, Zürich

2015 United States of Latin America, Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit, curated by Jens Hoffmann and Pablo Leon de la Barra

Faux Amis, Simon Lee Gallery, London

2014 Seven Reeds, Overduin & Co., Los Angeles

2013 Broken Windows, New York Gallery, New York

2011 Abstracta Tú!, Miau Miau Gallery, Buenos Aires

Espíritu del tiempo, Sivori Museum, Buenos Aires

En la larga duración, garage owner, Madrid

PintorAs, Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires

FSPC, Formalist Sidewalk Poetry Club, Miami

Porqué Pintura?, National Endowment for the Arts, Buenos Aires

2010 Jahresgaben, NAK. Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Germany

Proyecto Secundario #2, Secondary Fiorito nr 49, Buenos Aires

Foreword Cubista, Abyssal Space, Bilbao

Shopping #2, Mite Galleria, Buenos Aires

PintorAs, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rosario, Santa Fe

The Obstacle is Tautology, Tulips & Roses, Paris

2009 Volatile Times, Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster

2008 Sink the boat before it sails, Basis, Frankfurt

2007 Sala de lectura/Aimar Arriola, Marzana Space, Bilbao  



2014 Jendricke, Dorothea. Valentina Liernur at Campoli Presti London, Texte Zur Kunst, ISSUE NO. 96. December Iglesias, Claudio, Falsa Conciencia (pp. 157 – 170), Editorial Metales Pesados, Buenos Aires

2013 Liernur, Valentina, « Escritos », Labor n.2, November 2010 Creamier: Contemporary Art in Culture: 10 Curators, 100 Contemporary Artists, 10 Sources, Phaidon Press, July 21 The Painting Issue, Bildstrecke Texte zur Kunst, March Iglesias, Claudio, « Could commodities themselves speak », Página12, 20 June  

Art / Basel

16 Jun, 2016-19 Jun, 2016

Basel, Switzerland


17 Apr, 2015-29 May, 2015

Campoli Presti, Paris

Valentina Liernur
17 April – 29 May 2015
Campoli Presti, Paris

Campoli Presti is pleased to present Valentina Liernur’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. Valentina Liernur’s works are often structured by series that denote the specificity and potential of the picture plane to bring together elements such as feminine and masculine, control and chaos, rational and instinctive, deep and superficial.

As an afterthought of her previous denim series presented in her ahh…ah… exhibition at Campoli Presti London last fall, Liernur presents a new group of works in ahhhhhhh in Paris made of a matching colour palette of gabardines, a resistant textile mostly used for trousers and uniforms. The surface is intervened on with bleach and safety pins that rehash pseudo-punk, expressionist and informalist elements deriving into a forever21, youth-inspired appearance.

White, cloudy, and diffuse areas of bleached fabric indicate the texture of a liminal space, in which any sensorial experience or expressive intention is anesthetized by its context, Paris’ fashion district the Marais. The shape of a cross points out the different geographical positions in which art operates while incidentally referencing Tapiès insisting use of it as an ancient symbol of contradiction.

The calligraphic signs, the automated use of pencils, markers, and pens, as well as the notebook-shaped frames reinforce the sequential installation of the works forming a phrase, disrupting the idea of a series as a linear and achieved body of work. Their placement asserts their own irregular temporality while questioning the possibility and the purpose of establishing one.

Valentina Liernur (1978) lives and works in Buenos Aires. Recent solo exhibition include Ahn…Ah… (2014) at Campoli Presti London, Corruzione (2014) at Reena Spaulings Fine Art, New York; Valentina Liernur (2012), and Fiebre (2010) at Ruth Benzacar; Buenos Aires. Recent group shows have been held at Overduin and Co. (2014), Los Angeles; New Galerie (2013), New York; Gramatura (2012), Sao Paulo; Formalistsidewalkpoetryclub (2011), Miami; and Westfalischer Kunstverein (2009), Münster.

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Ratones Paranoicos

Mucha risa por aquí
pero ninguna es para mí
sube la espuma sobre el cristal
yo cambio de forma para atacar
solo una vez más, como enlace.

Lleno de problemas, voy a dar
a una playa con una modelo
ella está lista, quiere empezar
cambio de forma para atacar
sólo una vez más, como enlace.
Sólo como enlace, una vez más.

No me gusta este lugar
vestidos y perfumes sin estilo
saco mi arma, voy a empezar
cambio de forma para atacar
sólo una vez más, como enlace
sólo como enlace, una vez más.

Mucha risa por aquí
pero ninguna es para mí
sube la espuma sobre el cristal
cambio de forma para atacar
sólo una vez, como enlace
sólo como enlace, una vez más

Ratones Paranoicos

Much laughter here
but none for me
the foam climbs on the glass
I change shape to attack
only one more time, as link.

Full of problems,
I get to a beach with a model
she is ready, she wants to start
I change shape to attack
only one more time, as link.
Just as link, one more time.

I do not like this place
dresses and perfumes without style
I pull out my gun, I’ll start
change in shape to attack
only once, as a link
only as link, one more time.

Much laughter here
but none for me
The foam climbs on the glass
I change shape to attack
one more time, as a link
only as link, one more time.

The Ratones Paranoicos (The Paranoid Mouses) was an Argentine rock band, formed in 1986 in Buenos Aires. The group was influenced by punk and new wave at the beginning, and later on by rhythm and blues. Their main influence was The Rolling Stones. The Rolinga is an Argentine urban tribe comprising fans of The Rolling Stones and Argentine bands with a similar style whose popularity exploded in the 1990s. Ratones Paranoicos was the band that started this genre also known as rock chabon/dude. Their lyrics slowly moved on from the classic topics of rock and roll and started focusing on local habits. The decline of the Rolingas started at the beginning of the 2000s’ with the rise of Cumbia Villera.


04 Sep, 2014-04 Oct, 2014

Campoli Presti, London

Valentina Liernur
5 September – 4 October 2014
Campoli Presti, London


I’m sitting on the sidewalk with my ripped jeans
I just take 5 antidepressants with beer
in the street
everything is better.
I smoke a cigarette and it falls from my hands
I have no strength and I love it
I enjoy not being myself.
Going out and plopping down on the sidewalk is my notion of fun.
It’s been my habit of choice for the last four months because
I discovered how good it feels to avoid pain.
Despite all this I think I must be dying of sadness, day by day.
When I’m not out in the street I put on good music in my room
and I shut myself away to dream about everything I’m missing.
Every day the same good music.
I rise and fall like a piece of melting on the mattress
when I don’t fall onto the floor.
I use my hand to brush off my ripped jeans.
I left it all
but not for God,
just because
because if felt especially felt good to let myself go.
I’m wearing dirty jeans
stained with spit and beer and little pieces of Express crackers.
On the street I don’t beg for change, and no one gives any.
Nobody looks at me.
Dogs sniff at me.
I’m not cold
it’s the middle of winter
and I stopped being a girl who runs cold.
Now I’m not me.
I don’t know what made
turn on the computer today.
It’s been four months and more I’ve since turned it on.
Without even seeing a beautiful boy.
Without even seeing anything special in the street today.
Nothing weird or unexpected happened.
I put on the same good music as always.
I found a tangerine someone dropped on the ground and I ate it.
I made a rule in my head
to create some balance.
I don’t feel anything special today.
But maybe it’s because today I remembered her, with her infinite beauty,
and I was jealous,
envious and full of panic
and that’s why I decided to do something .
Like I would have in the days when I was me.

Belleza y Felicidad: Selected Writings of Fernanda Laguna and Cecilia Pavón, translated by Stuart Krimko, Key West: Sand Paper Press, 2014.



Estoy sentada en la vereda con mis jeans rotos
me acabo de tomar 5 antidepresivos con cerveza
y en la calle
todo es mejor.
Fumo un cigarrillo y se me cae de las manos
no tengo fuerzas y me encanta
disfruto de no ser yo misma.
Salir y tirarme en la vereda es mi diversión.
Hace 4 meses que es mi hábito preferido porque
descubrí el placer de evitar el dolor.
A pesar de esto creo que me estoy muriendo de tristeza, día a día.
Cuando no estoy en la calle pongo música linda en mi cuarto
y me encierro a soñar todo lo que me estoy perdiendo.
Todos los días la misma linda música.
Me eleva y caigo como un pedazo de brea derretida sobre el colchón
cuando no caigo sobre el piso.
limpiar un poco con la palma de mi mano mi jean roto.
Ya dejé todo
pero no por Dios,
porque sí
porque le encontré un gusto especial a abandonarme.
Tengo un jean sucio
manchado de baba y cerveza y pedacitos de Express.
En la calle no pido plata, ni me la dan.
Nadie me mira.
los perros me huelen.
No tengo frío
es pleno invierno
y dejé de ser una chica friolenta.
Ahora no soy yo.
Hoy no sé que me pasó que prendí la computadora.
Hacía cuatro meses y algo que no la prendía.
Eso que no vi a un chico bello.
Eso que hoy no ví nada especial en la calle.
No sucedíó nada raro o diferente.
Puse la misma linda música de siempre.
Encontré una mandarina tirada en el piso y me la comí.
Me puse una regla en la cabeza
para que haga equilibrio.
No siento nada especial hoy.
O tal vez sea que hoy la recordé, con su belleza infinita,
y tuve celos,
envidia y pánico
y por eso me decidí a hacer algo.
Como en los días cuando era yo misma.

Fernanda Laguna, Control o no control, Poemas 1999-2011. Mansalva. Colección Poesía y Ficción Latinoamericana, Buenos Aires, 2012.