Born Hillside, NJ,

1980 Lives and works in New York



2011 Whitney Museum of American Art, Independent Study Program, New York

2007 The Art Institute of Chicago M.F.A., Chicago

2004 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Certificate in Painting, Philadelphia

2003 Yale Norfolk, Summer Program, Norfolk



2017 Private Matters, Essex Street, New York

2014 A Moveable Feast – Part IX, Campoli Presti, Paris

Cold Flow Creep
, Essex Street, New York

Title Stack Sink Release, FRI ART, Kunsthalle Freiburg, Fribourg, Switzerland

2013 Dark Pools, Campoli Presti, London

2012 Cue, Green Tea Gallery, Kaiseimachi

Jason Loebs. Charlotte Prodger, Essex Street, New York

2011 A Cigarette End, Essex Street, New York

2010 Corpus Vile, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Berlin

2009 Ned Ludd Said Sorry, Audio Visual Arts, New York


2017 Trans-subjective Engagements, Koenig & Clinton, New York

The Split, GRIN, Providence

New York Grid, Mathew, New York

Evidence & Imagination, Kesselhaus, Berlin

2016 Good Dreams, Bad Dreams – American Mythologies, Aishti Foundation, Beirut

2015 The Most Beautiful Swiss Books of the Year 2014, Helmhaus, Zurich

The Story of the Stone, Rotterdam

What would you pay for a rotting whale, Galerie Max Mayer, Dusseldorf


City of Echo, with Dan Solbach, Officin, Copenhagen

2014 Artificial Complexion, Various Small Fires, Los Angeles

Private Settings: Art after the Internet, curated by Natalia Sielewicz, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw

The Material Image, curated by Debra Singer, Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York

nature after nature, curated by Susanne Pfeffer, Fridericianum, Kassel

2013 Out Of Memory, Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York

Descartes’ Daughter, Swiss Institution Contempary Art, New York

Merci Mercy
, curated by Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld and Christine Messineo, 980 Madison Avenue, New York

2012 Used Photocopier, Hotel Gallery, London

Everyday Abstract – Abstract Everyday, curated by Matthew Higgs, James Cohan Gallery, New York

Telephone Paintings, curated by Nicolas Trembley, Almine Rech, Art Basel, Basel

New York: Directions, Points of Interest, Galleria Massimo de Carlo, Milan

2011 Swiss Gallery, Cleopatra’s, New York

Grand Openings, MoMA, New York

From contemplating the construction of situations, Pavillion Unicredit, Bucharest

Process(ing), Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris

Addicted to Highs and Lows, Bortolami, New York

2010 It’s All American, NJMoCA, New Jersey

Held Up By Columns, Renwick Gallery, New York

2009 From A Position, Evanston Art Center, Chicago

Jason Loebs and Patrick Price, Exibition Gallery, New York

No Bees, No Blueberries, Harris Leiberman Gallery, New York

If the Dogs are Barking, Artists Space, New York

Everybody Loves the Sunshine, CUNY Graduate Center, New York

Material Evidence,
loop-raum für aktuelle kunst, Berlin

Splits, Bell street projects, Vienna Blueprints, Waymaker Gallery, New Caladonian

2008 Hard Rain, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Berlin

Andrew Falkowski and Jason Loebs, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago

Jason Loebs and Thomas Torres Cordova, Saloon at the Metropolitan, New York

2007 Baby Bowies, Jack The Pelican Gallery, New York

Y.P.A.N.S.M.T.P.V.G.T.W.T., 50/50 Gallery, Chicago

2006 Balls out, Milwaukee International, Milwaukee Philadelphia Creek, Seraphin Gallery, Philadelphia

2005 Voxannual, Voxpopuli, Philadelphia



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2003 J. Henry Schiedt Memorial Travel Scholarship

2000 North Carolina State Congressional Award

A Moveable Feast – Part IX

23 May, 2014-07 Jun, 2014

Campoli Presti, Paris

A Moveable Feast – Part IX
Jason Loebs
23 May – 7 June 2014
Campoli Presti, Paris

Campoli Presti is pleased to announce the ninth iteration of the ongoing exhibition A Moveable Feast with a display of works by Jason Loebs.

The exhibition extends Loebs’ research around the principles of thermodynamics as a reading of cultural production and the ways in which natural resources are accumulated and distributed to become instruments of social control and value production. For his recent exhibition in Kunsthalle Freiburg, he has put into relation various heating systems, thermographic imaging, and natural stones.

For his exhibition at Campoli Presti, Loebs presents a large canvas produced with graphite based thermal grease, a substance used to promote better heat conduction between surfaces. The work refers to industrial experiments of thermodynamic science, registering temperature while in circulation. Conceived as an entropic system, its material never solidifies and the unfinished work continues to build upon itself with the heat provided by the flow of passing viewers.

Loebs’ photographs are taken with a thermal camera used for military surveillance. Focusing on the thermal energy generated by electronic equipment, they index an invisible atmospheric gradient of heat that is dispersed into the general atmosphere undetected. The images document an invisible but shared public ambient sphere that has been increasingly privatized and used for security and surveillance purposes.

Samples of several minerals extracted in Valais, Switzerland are covered with anti-counterfeit ink, which under natural light changes colour, varying according to the angle of the human eye. As in his previous series of fingerprint-covered computer batteries Anthropomemoria, 2013 Loebs draws a relation between the ink mark and the value-producing signature of the artist in devices of cumulative energy.

Jason Loebs lives and works in New York. He attended the Whitney Independent Study Program in 2011 and received an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007. Loebs’ work is currently included in the exhibition, Nature After Nature at the Fridericianum, Kassel curated by Susanne Pfeffer. He recently had a solo exhibition, Title Stack Sink Release at the Kunsthalle Freiburg in Switzerland with an accompanying catalogue. Recent solo exhibitions took place at the Essex St., New York (2014); Campoli Presti, London (2013); Green Tea Gallery, Tokyo (2012); and Audio Visual Arts, New York (2009). Past group exhibitions were held at the Swiss Institute, New York (2013); Carriage Trade, New York (2013); Massimo De Carlo, Milan (2012); and Bortolami Gallery, New York (2011).

Dark Pools

12 Apr, 2013-25 May, 2013

Campoli Presti, London

Jason Loebs
Dark Pools
12 April – 25 May 2013
Campoli Presti, London

Campoli Presti is pleased to announce Jason Loebs’ first solo exhibition in London. The exhibition comprises a series of four-colour prints, marble fragments and a new video piece.

Investigating the social and economic origin of artworks and the cycle into which they enter as both commodities and visual signs, Loebs introduces an interplay between reproduction, appropriation and self-reflection on the apparatus of the moving image.

The wall-based works depict expired credit cards that have been photo-documented through digital macro lense technology. Signatures, logos and credit card information become evident alongside scratches and other marks retaining the memory of the cards’ use. Omnipresent forms of identification and currency intrinsically linked to consumption, exchange and debt, these plastic objects will themselves become obsolete, replaced with increasingly more abstract modes of exchange.

Displayed alongside these reproductions of anonymous signatures are marble fragments removed from standard sized blocks of Carrara marble, carrying the trace of what is known as block identification. These markings include qualitative evaluation, batch codes and grading notes written after their unearthing. Once the marble has been transformed into a final product, these fragments are discarded or simply ignored as casualty of the production realised in the quarry. These remnants of a pragmatic coding system are displaced into the exhibition context testing their aesthetic potential.

Refrain (all works 2013) is a 7 minute looped digital video based on a fixed shot of a rotor from a mechanical SEIKO watch, devised to replace the manual movement of winding the spring. The camera’s automatic focus lens attempts to focus its subject in an endless algorithmic movement. Documenting the mechanical process that is responsible for its production, Refrain negotiates the artist’s intervention while considering the economisation of time, reactivating Bergson’s opposition between clock time and lived time.

Jason Loebs lives and works in New York. He completed the Whitney Independent Study Program in 2011 and received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007. He has had solo exhibitions at Essex Street, New York (2011); Kavi Gupta, Berlin (2010) and Audio Visual Arts, New York (2009). Past group exhibitions include Hotel, London; James Cohan Gallery, New York; Massimo de Carlo, Milan; Bortolami Gallery, New York; Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach and Artists Space, New York.